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Helane Morrison’s Fight Against Financial Predators

by Chris Holden - August 4th, 2016.
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Investment banking was largely a male dominated field. However, this domination is changing with the new crop of ambitious women in the field. One of these women is Helane Morrison. Helane works at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. Helane holds three positions at the firm. She is the managing director, chief compliance and general counsel. In my opinion, she managed to land these positions due to her outstanding skills in security law and fraud litigation.

Before joining Hall Capital, Helane worked at the San Francisco’s SEC office. For eight years, she served as the head of enforcement. It was at this office that she developed her skills in securities law and fraud litigation. As an employee, she was also charged with representing SEC in news media and other government agencies. This information was originally reported on Hall Capital article.

Helane’s rich education background amazes me. Although she did her undergraduate degree in journalism at Northwestern University, her desires to practice law saw her join the School of Law at the University of California where she earned her J.D. With her background in Journalism, she managed to serve as the editor-in-chief of the California Law Review.

When Helane was presented with the opportunity to join Hall Capital in 2007, she considered it as the best chance to join a new field and help the industry restore investor confidence. This was a challenging responsibility since investors were already moving from the sector following the then economic depression. At her position, she continued her fight against deceptive corporate crimes that are believed to have caused the 2008 economic depression.

Helane has continuously worked hard to ensure that all financial predators are exposed. This has provided the industry with the chance to create business practices that are both ethical and fair. Such moves are aimed at convincing public investors that the sector is clean and that their money would now be in safer hands. It also assures the public that nobody will take advantage of their circumstances in the future. This information was originally mentioned on Xrepublic.

These qualities make Helane Morrison a valuable person at Hall Capital, an all-female organization that only employs ambitious women. Her term at the company has seen her work with other determined women such as Kathryn Hall and Sarah Stein. The two serve as co-chief investment officer and the president respectively. In my opinion, these two renowned female executives have provided the right environment needed by Helane to continue her fight for a better financial environment.

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