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HGGC Is Helping Middle Market Business Thrive

by Chris Holden - January 22nd, 2019.
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HGGC is a private equity fund, which was created in 2007 and works primarily within the middle market. HGGC is named for its previous founders, Jon M. Huntsmans, and Robert C. Gay, which is officially Huntsman Gay Global Capital. The company’s focus is growth equity, buyouts, and recapitalization. They strive to help their clients become successful in today’s modern market by encouraging and facilitating upgrades and incorporating new technology.

A More Sophisticated Approach

The company believes that a business can only be competitive if it is using all of the modern resources and available technology’s to create a more sophisticated approach to every aspect of the business. Over time, HGGC has amassed over $4.3 billion in capital and have managed in excess of 100 transactions related to portfolio investments. The company has enjoyed considerable and steady growth over the years, which has allowed them to oversee transactions which total over $18 billion since 2007. The company is still growing and assisting clients to transition to new business models which facilitate growth.

Business Focus

HGGC has had three flagship funds which were part of their primary business focus. Fund 1 was closed in 2009 and was ahead of its target for investor commitments. Fund 2 was closed in March 2015 and exceeded projections and featured entities such as the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System. Fund 3 closed in 2016 received $1.84 billion of commitments and exceed projections. Some of the most notable transactions from these funds included AutoAlert, MyWebGrocer, and Citadel Plastics Holding among many others.

HGGC is a company that is committed to ensuring the prosperity of their clients and consistently helps them maintain their foothold in their respective markets. They continue to be one of the top performing financial entities in the middle market and are expected to be at the forefront of progress for years to come.

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