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How Did Bruce Levenson Change The Hawks Culture?

by Chris Holden - February 22nd, 2015.
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When the Atlanta Spirit LLC group purchased the Atlanta Hawks, they came into the relationship with issues stemming from the separation of the two groups. Bruce Levenson was part of the Washington group, and he picked up the pieces when Steve Belkin tried to steal the franchise. Bruce served on the NBA board of governors, and he was instrumental in helping to turn the franchise around. He signed off on changing the front office and coaching staff. He signed off on moving Joe Johnson out of town, and he was able to bring in some new people to turn the team. When you look at the Hawks, you are seeing the vision of Bruce Levenson and how he was able to make the Hawks business more profitable.

The Players

The team that Bruce helped to put together was made more competitive as he decided to only bring in guys who worked together well. When he put together a team that was more congenial, he was able to create a team that played better together. The culture is one where all the guys get along, and he even works with the players to give them a voice in how the team is run. This is a family in Atlanta, and Bruce includes the fans.

The Experience

The experience that the fans get in Atlanta is one of the best in the NBA. Philips Arena is very clean, and it is a fun place to take the kids. The arena is secure, and it is a fun place for fans to visit. Adults can get fun drinks at the games, and kids have plenty of things to play with at the arena.

When Bruce made these changes to the franchise, he made the Hawks a truly great experience for everyone. That is why he should be lauded as a quality owner.

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