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How Does OSI Industries Hope To Achieve Its Vision Of Global Meat Industry Dominance?

by Chris Holden - January 9th, 2019.
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When Sheldon Lavin took over management of OSI industries, he had a vision of transforming the aurora headquartered meat company into a global brand. He hoped to steer it into becoming the largest meat processing and distribution company in the world. While the food company has taken up significant strides in becoming on the path to the global industry dominance, it still has a long way to go on this rugged and challenging journey. How then does the company hope to overcome these challenges and speed up the realization of this vision?

1. Introduction of more products

By the time OSI Industries started operations a century ago, it primarily specialized in beef products. The trend continued up to a time when Sheldon Lavin’s entry into its management team. His marketing model sought to have the meat processor accommodate more meat products like pork and poultry.

As OSI acquired firms that dealt with vegetables, it didn’t stop their productions but added them to its product list. This has in effect endeared it to more global clients as it is able to meet most of their needs. The brand hopes to exploit this tact when penetrating even larger global markets.

2. Riding on the existing excellent customer services

OSI Industries has a long-standing reputation for reliability and excellent customer services. The company not only strives to provide high-quality products to its clients but also ensures that orders are delivered on time. These traits have helped it establish long-lasting and lucrative relationships with its clients. Nonetheless, by embracing technology in the customer support and logistics the company has endeared itself to an even larger consumer base across the globe.

3. Adhering to market statistics

Sheldon Lavin and his management team at OSI Industries understand the importance of market statistics in fueling business growth. The company has, therefore, invested significant resources towards studying market trends that it then uses to influence its expansion strategies. For instance, upon the prediction of a fast-rising demand for poultry products in Europe, OSI doubled their poultry production capacity of poultry products at their newly acquired processing plant in Toledo, Spain.


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