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How Drought Affects our Lifestyle

by Chris Holden - April 5th, 2015.
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With the continuous drought in states like California, citizens are already experiencing the effects from decreased water supply to increased cost of electricity. California Governor Edwin G. Brown Jr. signed emergency legislation after a declaration of drought State of Emergency. An Emergency package of $1 billion will be used to assist citizens affected by the drought and to use for funding and use of local water supplies in the uncertain future.

The drought was last experienced in 2002 and came back in early 2013 that lasted until now. Water supply was restricted and citizens were expected to conserve water. Drought is caused by below normal precipitation due to above average persistence of high pressure in the affected area. Continuous drought can lead to wildfires, contaminated water, diseases, increased cost of electricities produced by water wells and increase cost of crops.

A comprehensive plan to map out California’s strategy for water conservation in the future, the water action plan shows how Californians can integrate water conservation in their lifestyle. Research facilities are being funded for the development and implementation of more efficient standards in line with water and energy conservation, restorations of basins, rehabilitation of watersheds and more.

The government is doing their best for efficient water management, which pleases Paul Mathieson. It is time that citizens do their part in conserving water and minimizing the negative effects of drought as much as we can.

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