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How Jeremy Goldstein Developed A Thriving Mergers & Acquisitions Firm

by Chris Holden - October 31st, 2019.
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Jeremy Goldstein holds several decades of experience as an attorney, with the majority of this focusing on the corporate sector. Throughout this time, he has predominantly worked in mergers and acquisitions, during which time he’s been involved with a variety of companies. Some of the most notable of these have included Sears, South African Breweries, and Alltell, which has allowed him to be a part of some of the largest purchases in recent history.


Alongside this, he played a significant role in the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T, which was one of the most well-known purchases in the past few years. While the work that Goldstein performed with each of these transactions has been well-known, they may not rank among some of his favorite work, although he does have fond memories of each.


In contrast, he claims that some of his greatest achievements as a lawyer have been with J.P. Morgan Chase, with which he’s been involved in a variety of acquisitions. Outside of this work, Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in quite an extensive number of philanthropic causes, and has been involved in a variety of events across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


The majority of this charitable work has been focused on giving back to the community in a variety of ways. In recent years, Goldstein has been heavily involved in the Fountain House non-profit, which looks to help people across New York City who suffer from mental illness and addiction. Most recently, he held a gala to help raise funds for the organization, with this proving to be quite successful.


The event, which was held in honor of Jim Finkel, the president of the Atrocities Prevention Study Group, charged $5,000 per head, with all of the proceeds going to Fountain House. With the money that was raised, the charity was able to help a significant number of people get back on their feet and return to normal life.


Throughout his career as an attorney, Jeremy Goldstein has worked with a variety of organizations, with all of this time helping him to continually refine and improve his skills. As a result of this, he gained a positive reputation among the New York City community for his work in mergers and acquisitions. Armed with the skills that he developed with these firms, he was soon able to establish his own organization, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, an organization that he continues to lead.


Since establishing the company, Goldstein has led it to profitability in a variety of unique ways, with the majority of these focused on planning and executing long-term objectives. Throughout this time, the lawyer has noted that the key to consistent profit is to develop effective and actionable plans and then capitalizing on these strategies.


In the years since he established the company, Jeremy Goldstein has utilized his expertise across a broad range of areas to deliver a significant amount of value to each of his clients. As a result of this, his practice has continued to thrive and expand.


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