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How Jeremy Goldstein Helps The Fountain House

by Chris Holden - October 8th, 2019.
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Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney who acted as a host for a gala that was held at a placed called Fountain House. The Fountain House is a charity started in 1944. The charitable organization has grown immensely since its’ beginning. The Fountain House’s mission has been to help people with mental illness. The Fountain House helps people with mental illness by providing them with housing and providing them a way to support themselves. The company provide education opportunities and allows people to give back to the community. The charitable organization is working hard to remove the stigma that society excludes people with mental illness. The Fountain House works with local communities and provides programs to help people recover from mental illness. There is more than 19 percent of the population who suffers from mental illness annually.


Goldstein was able to start a boutique law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. Goldstein would be a lawyer who provides advice to corporations and management teams regarding compensation and corporate governance matters. Goldstein has been a part of the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies. Goldstein has been a part of many other business acquisitions throughout his career. Goldstein has proven he understood the law, but he also was a speaker who spoke about executive compensation. Goldstein also was a writer. He is considered one of the best executive compensation lawyer in the nation. Goldstein will assist the Fountain House in attracting people who will pay $5,000 for dinner. The funds will help maintain the Fountain House’s initiatives regarding education, housing, and healthcare.


Goldstein has experience working with non-compete agreements. Non-compete agreements are used to prevent an employee from working with another company who would be considered a competitor of the employee’s former company. Goldstein’s involvement with the gala is indirectly helping the Fountain House expand the reach of the organization. The charity has been able to work with the World Health Organization to create a conference called the He Healthier Longer Lives for People with Serious Mental Illnesses. The conference was able to attract much mental health personnel from different countries. The Fountain House has been able to make people with mental illness contributors to society. The charitable organization is providing people more confidence to join the workforce. The Fountain House provides work that would teach people how to grow flowers and vegetables. The organization has been responsible for feeding over 35,000 people. The Fountain House is combatting homelessness. The organization ensures people have a place to sleep. People who may suffer from mental illness are able to have a workout thanks to the partnerships with YMCA and Adam Lewis Wellness Center.


The Fountain House has been able to show the support of education with individuals who suffer from mental health issues. People are able to continue their education that will help them improve their lives. People between the age and range of 13-30 years of age is being helped by the Fountain House with their continued education. Mental illness affects children and adults. The Fountain House with the help of people like Goldstein obtains funds needed to improve the circumstances of individuals who have experienced mental illness.


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