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How Jorge Moll found a connection with the well-being of individuals and relationships

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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Neurological Scientific studies have shown that an individual’s well-being and their relationships are connected to each other by studying the human brain. The discovery of these studies have shown that having an effective relationship with another individual leads to having a better life. In one specific study a group of individuals volunteered to answer a few questions and in result their brains were being monitored. After data was collected, the study showed that the individuals responded in a more giving way than receiving way, which shows that individuals would rather give than receive. As science becomes more enhanced every day, it will continue to discover how significant effective relationships create happier and healthier well-beings.


Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist, as well as the president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. He is also Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuro-informatics Workgroup. In the years of 2004 through 2007, Jorge Moll received the Fellow NIH award. In Brazil, Jorge Moll is also the Senior Researcher. In the year of 2008, Jorge Moll was selected to be an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. Four years later in the years 2012 through 2013, Jorge Moll was selected as governor board member of the International Neuro-ethics Society. Jorge Moll has done studies related to the human brain. He is the one that has found the connection with individual’s well-being and their relationships. Jorge Moll has researched on how the human brain reacts to certain feelings, such as, tenderness, emotional attachment and values.


In closing, the D’Or Institute for Research and Education, also known as IDOR, is a non-profit organization. This organization assists scientific and technological offers in the healthcare area. The organization has been independently operating since the year of 2010, however, it started back in Brazil at a place called D’Or São Luiz Hospital Network. This is a private hospital and is the largest hospital in Brazil. Ever since the D’Or Institute for Research and Education was built, the organization has created several places of medical research and education. These places are internal medicine, neuroscience and pediatrics.


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