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How Marc Beer Maintains His Success

by Chris Holden - September 18th, 2019.
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It’s not always easy trying to climb the corporate ladder, especially in the biotech industry but Marc Beer is so good at it, he almost makes it look easy. So what’s his secret to attaining such pervasive success over the three decades of his career? He recently agreed to a chat where he talked about how he has managed to do so well for himself over the years. He began his academic career at Miami University where he decided to major in business. Upon the receipt of his bachelor of science degree in the spring of 1987, he took the first job offer he received working on the sales team for a company known as Abbott. He thrived in this role for nearly six years before taking a job with Biostar Inc as a member of their marketing department.

He served in this role for over two years before deciding to take another job as the vice president of global marketing for a corporation commonly known as Genzyme. He proved to be quite adept at this role but still ended up leaving after four years to start his own company. Based out Cambridge, he first established Viacell in May of 2000 and made it very clear that their primary mission is to try and uncover vaccines and cures for various illnesses and conditions. They do this by isolating blood stem cells from umbilical cords and trying to identify any indicators that they may be able to use to synthesize a cure. Learn more:

While the company proved to be an immense success throughout its seven year tenure, he eventually closed its doors and sold it to Perkin Elmer for a massive profit of over $300 million. Before he could move on to his next business venture, however, his wife tragically passed away due to a pulmonary embolism and his role in the lives of his three children became much more centralized. Two years later, though, it was his daughter who convinced him to go back to work and resume helping people. As such, he became the face of a new business named Renovia in 2016. Based out of Boston, the company is dedicated to developing medical products to help as many patients as they possibly can with all kinds of illnesses from typhoid to gangrene. 

They’re particularly proud of the stellar reputation they’ve acquired over the years as well as the FDA approval they recently received. One of the conditions they are currently attempting to treat affects an estimated 25% of females nationwide. So they hope to succeed in this endeavor and the $32 million in funding they recently obtained will ensure that their philanthropic efforts continue on for the foreseeable future.

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