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How Mosquitoes Select Their Target

by Chris Holden - January 16th, 2015.
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‘Mosquito bites’ are painful; it is not easy to cover up those unsightly marks on the skin. And despite your best efforts to prevent these bites, it seems that nothing works.

A fact that is true whenever you are in the same room with other people, but you are the only one to get bitten. Is it the fault of bad luck, or more complex than that?

A Japanese study showed that mosquitoes preferably choose people with blood group O to bite. The proteins in the blood are not the same as those in groups A and B. However, these nutrients in the blood are essential for the mosquitoes for their reproductive cycle. 

Study further discloses that overweight people are also much more vulnerable to the others for having ‘mosquito bites’. Furthermore, during pregnancy, the risk of being bitten also increases and it happens because of extra exhalation of Carbon Dioxide; its smell is one of the elements that allow these mosquitoes to locate you. 

Slim Younger offers a quick overview of the factors that explain that you may be a prime target for mosquitoes.

Children, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly are the most vulnerable because of their body metabolisms according to the information found on the FreedomPop phone. How Mosquitoes Select Their Target according to information from the Freedom. Unfortunately, one cannot do much to avoid ‘mosquito bites’ except using some well-known anti-mosquito remedies like essential oil of citronella, the repellent sprays, electric diffusers or paints insecticides.

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