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How Peter Briger Became One Of The World’s Top Investors And Billionaires

by Chris Holden - June 4th, 2018.
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When people talk of self-made billionaires Peter Briger’s name never misses out in the conversation. The Princeton University associate has built his wealth all the way from scratch to become one of Forbes world of billionaires through sheer resilience, commitment, and innovativeness. He is currently riding the Fortress Investment Group bus which he boarded in the year 2002. However, his journey has not always been sunshine and rainbow because he has had his own share of challenges which we will highlight later on.

When he joined Fortress Investment group, Peter Briger had previously been working at Goldman Sachs for fifteen years. He joined the company fresh from the University of Pennsylvania where he was studying for his MBA and got the chance to polish his business management skills in preparation for his next venture. His tenure at Goldman Sachs saw him serve almost every role from operational, leadership and management.

This helped him gain profound knowledge and develop a vast set of experience in areas such as distressed debts, real estate, and foreign investments and he helped soar Goldman Sachs to unparalleled heights. He also attended a string of committees such as the Japan Executive committee and Asian Management committee a factor that helped him share and brainstorm ideas from well-versed individuals and later applying them in his line of work thus excelling in everything he did.

When he joined Fortress investment group, Peter Briger was more like a sea full of opportunities waiting to be exploited and a few years down the line he had upgraded from a committee member to a partner and had helped increase Fortress’s profits tenfold. However, the company was affected by the 2008 financial crisis leading to massive losses but with a team of experienced leaders like Peter Briger on board, it was obvious that it would rise again and when it did it experienced two times more growth than it had ever since its inception.

Under Peter’s leadership who is a bitcoin enthusiast, it has closed profitable deals such as the acquisition deal with Softbank leading to even massive expansion. Today Peter is in charge of the company’s real estate and credit fund businesses and has a team of more than 300 professionals under his belt and with extensive skills he continues to mark milestones for Fortress. It is thanks to such prowess that he was listed on Forbes list of top 400 business professionals and it is certain that with the kind of determination and proficiency that the man has we will definitely be seeing him mark even greater milestones.

Even with the kind of success that he has, Peter Briger is a mass of goodness and this is proved by his avid involvement in charity. For instance, he fully pledges his support to Central Park Conservancy and is also a board member at the renowned Silicon Valley council which continuously comes up with strategies and initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of children globally and lessening poverty. He also supports young startups from Princeton University by offering them the financial backup and also tips that are helpful to them in the long run. In a nutshell, Peter bases his charity on three main areas, children, education and poverty eradication.

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