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How Real Estate Helped Nick Vertucci in Poker

by Chris Holden - January 1st, 2019.
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Nick Vertucci started his career in real estate during the early 2000s after the loss of his business and his money when the dot-com boom blew out. Nick Vertucci has founded a business that was mainly focused on retailing computer accessories. During the major economic depression of the 2000s, this kind of business was just not strong enough to stand on its own. Nick Vertucci switched his focus and paid attention to developing a successful real estate business, which after a couple of years in the business, he turned him into a millionaire.

Before Nick Vertucci started his business in real estate, he was already playing poker on a sort of regular basis. He played in his first ever tournament in 2004 and he managed to catch the 8th position out of more than 200 players and he managed to secure a win of $7,500.

After all his years in real estate, Nick Vertucci has been able to gain qualities that help him in his poker career. Calling a player’s bluff is the name of the game. Whether it is in a poker tournament that requires you realize if the person across the table is holding a pair of aces.

Change is constant and trying to handle that change can be very daunting. In poker, adaptability is important to help you deal with unpredictable changes. There is a great degree of uncertainty in playing of poker, the game is never constant and variables cannot be understood unless the game is over.

Confidence can help you in your risk evaluation in the game, and it can scare the other players. Being confident in yourself can win you millions. If you want to be a winner should know how to keep their cool. Emotional control is the only thing that will help you call their bluff.

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