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How Sawyer Howitt is Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur and Financial Investor at a Tender Age

by Chris Holden - June 9th, 2017.
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Although he is still young and just a senior in the second semester, Sawyer Howitt is now focusing all his internships, efforts and studies on understanding the world of finance and business. What makes him a unique person is the fact that despite his tender age, Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) has the incredible ability to understand and interpret the complex operational and financial demands of any business. He drives his work by combining analytics and artistry to understand the specific needs of consumers. Sawyer Howitt also has the innate ability to gain insights into the soul and resonance of a brand and how this impacts on the user.

The scope and breadth of his skills are wide-ranging and diverse, and Sawyer Howitt is talented in interpreting complex spreadsheets, making accurate notes in the major meetings, filing reports and designing presentations with various nuances. There is no responsibility in the corporate world of business that is beyond his scope of understanding. Up to now, Sawyer Howitt has played important roles in several organizations like directing the activities of humanitarian missions and formulating policies for the affirmation of the rights of women. There are quite some well-established companies that are seeking his expertise. The path to a career in entrepreneurship is already set for him. The amount of experience he is getting from the internship is equipping him well for an investment opportunity.

Other areas in which Sawyer Howitt has excelled include mentoring youths facing troubles in life, and leading ethnic groups involved in international studies. To gain more knowledge in customer service he worked at Kure Juice Bar, and he has also held some administrative internship roles. When he is not occupied by any important duties, Sawyer Howitt can be found fishing in the nearby rivers or attend a game by Portland Trail Blazers. At other times he prefers to be on the racquetball court. It is widely believed that he will be a great entrepreneur because of the keen understanding he shows for business transactions. The fact that he is already involved in the activities of prominent organizations means that when he set up his operations, nothing will stop him from succeeding.




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