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How Softbank’s Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group Will Help The Company Grow

by Chris Holden - April 6th, 2018.
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When Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group, they knew they were going to be making big choices for the company. They knew what the business was about and chose to continue making sure people knew what they were offering to the customers they had. Doing this allows Fortress Investment Group to continue operating as they should be instead of having to deal with the issues that come with having a company over top of them making all the big decisions about business.

The acquisition was strategic for both companies. Fortress Investment Group could rely on the parent company for the security of their business. They could also make sure they were going to be safe in the event there was an issue with the industry. Having Softbank overseeing the things they were doing is a means of protecting the company can take advantage of. Instead of having to constantly worry about what they are going to do if they are not successful, they can focus on being the right type of investment group for all their customers. The acquisition works for them because they know they will have the opportunity to thrive under the direction of Softbank.

For Softbank, having a company like Fortress Investment Group underneath them is a way to try different things. They are successful in the banking industry, but before they took over with Fortress Investment Group, they didn’t have an investment team that was really strong. Now they don’t have to worry about developing their own investment team. Softbank can rely on the infrastructure Fortress Investment Group already had in place when they took over. Everything is set up for them to continue running a successful investment firm and that means they can do everything they need to keep it running the right way.

As long as the two companies are working together, they are going to make waves in the banking and investment industry. They want to show people how things can change and what will get better based on the issues they are facing. It is also the right type of business for the industry they are a part of. Both companies have been very successful in the industry and together, they are going to offer their customers the best of everything. The acquisition has been a way for both companies to continue thriving with each other.

While Softbank did take over Fortress Investment Group, the investment firm is going to continue operating independently. They will not have to worry about Softbank always looking over their shoulder. Because they know what they can do to make things better in their own business, Softbank is relying on them to continue their tradition of growth in industry. They will make the most out of all the opportunities they have with the company and with the other finance companies connected to the Softbank brand. They are independently successful, but standing with Softbank will allow them to see even more success in the future with other partners.

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