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How to Get Started Writing on Wikipedia

by Chris Holden - March 7th, 2015.
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Wikipedia relies on ethics, and they rely on your as an editor to make sure that all the articles are ready to publish. There are many people who write articles for Wikipedia without knowing the editing guidelines. They are relying on you to make sure that their articles are ready to read when they are published. You should go over these small pointers to make sure that the articles are just right.

The Facts In Each Article

When you are looking at all the articles, you need to make sure that you cover all the facts before you move on. All the facts in the articles should be checked with a resource that you find online. You will be able to give a list of all the resources at the end of the article that can be used for further study. The people that read your articles need to be able to get more out of the articles when they are done.

The Photographs

Photographs on Wikipedia have to be royalty free, and the credits need to be listed. You should make sure that the photographs are credited as they would be in any other publication. If you are not covering these items before you publish the article, the article could be posted in an unethical manner.

Create The Proper Format

You need to make sure that you use the proper format when you organize the article. The people that are reading the articles will use headings and subheadings to get through the article faster. You can move the content in the article around until it makes sense, and you want it to be organized just like any other article.

When you have put your time and energy into editing these articles properly, you will be able to send off each article to be published on Wikipedia.

If you don’t have that time and energy, I’d suggest going with GetYourWiki for anything that needs to be published. I’ve referred a few clients to them in the past and their work is second to none.

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