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IC Systems and How Ruth Erickson Inspires Companies To Put Ethics First

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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IC Systems is the company founded in 1938 that has its main headquarters located at St. Paul Minnesota. The programs ingrained when the company was founded would be to help companies achieve financial resolutions, solutions and answers to the clients that they serve. It can even be ascertained that most of the companies in that year could not make it if IC Systems didn’t have the kind of financial solutions that it offers to them.


What also builds and sustains the company success today would be the fact that IC Systems puts high value in ethics and standards in all its dealings and transactions. It doesn’t want to offer products just for profit, and the fact that IC Systems is still in business proves that this is really being achieved in practice by the company. It also helps that the workforce of IC Systems is ingrained with women talent. The focus for women empowerment could be from the fact that IC Systems’ founder, Ruth Erickson, is a powerful, ambitious woman herself.


There should also be statement here to remind people that Ruth’s achievement in the field of business is an outstanding feat in itself, but the fact that she’s been able to inspire others is also an added attribute of IC Systems that not many companies today can copy. Another layer of the strategies in Ms. Erickson that has proven effective is the fact that she’s been able to be some of the first to integrate the use of computers in growing her business. This, indeed, has highlighted the savviness and fantastic level of dedication of Ms. Erickson.


About IC Systems


IC Systems is an innovative leader in the field of accounts receivable recovery industry. Since 1968, it has been an outstanding leader in providing ethically thought out solutions without just doing it for commercial reasons.


It is another source of fantastic pride of IC Systems to be able to remain in the cutting edge technology in the regulations and compliance tests from the government, including CFPB, TCPA and 501(r) tests. The consumer-friendly practices of IC Systems in improving the financial targets of its clients and patients keeps the company grounded and still outstanding today.


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