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 Improving Facilities to Serve Customers Best-Equity First Holdings

by Chris Holden - November 9th, 2016.
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A leader in the financial industry and a global lender in alternative shareholder financing solutions, Equity First Holdings, has successfully and fully completed a deal with Andrew Newland who is Chief Executive Officer of ANGLE plc. Andrew had given the financial company $1.35 million as collateral that was used in a financial transaction.

Equity First Holdings made the sales in October 2014 which was their first operation to be conducted in the United Kingdom when it was acquiring the Meridian Equity Partners Limited. After Equity First Holdings had acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited, it renamed the company to Equity First (London) Limited. The company is authorized and already regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, and it is registered under number 605564. The Chief Executive Officer of Equity First Holdings mentioned that offering collateral for their clients is a business to them, he did not forget to mention that Equity First Holdings has completed more than 700 transactions and they have an excellent reputation in the return of their clients collateral when the period matures and during repayment time.

Equity First Holdings is well known financial institution for the provision of security centered loaning services for both corporate and private investors. Equity First Holdings was founded in 2002. The primary purpose of establishing the financial service institution was to offer a substitute financial resolution to clients as well as the supply of capital to its customers besides publicly transacted stock to assist their borrowers in meeting their individual as well as their professional goals.

Since the establishment of Equity First Holdings, it has been experiencing tremendous growth of about 30% yearly. The Company’s Chief Executive Officer Al Christy said the financial institution is proud of their progress in the financial market as it has been expanding their team to offer the best and the unique products in the financial industry. Equity First Holding’s Headquarters is located in Indianapolis, India. The company’s expansion project has seen EFH extend their services to more countries and continents including Asia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, Australia, London as well as the United States. The Firm serves leading investments banks, top law companies that include international and local authorities, as well as great custodian banks.

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