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InnovaCare Health reforms on payment methods and leadership of Rick Shinto

by Chris Holden - December 20th, 2018.
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InnovaCare Health offers a platform for physicians, patients and other players in the medical industry to interact and come up with models that ensure efficient provision of medical services to those in need as well as generate revenue for stakeholders. This incorporates communication and technology tools that provide information such as financial, and guidelines for partnerships between physicians in the medical industry. This approach to health care services enables the skillful analytical processing of the challenging and dynamics of the healthcare industry. Also the strength of governance, partnerships and leadership are important for an effective working model to be sustainable.

Empowering of physicians so they can be able to provide good services to patients in need is paramount to Innovacare Health, and this has seen the company partner up with leaders and players across the border to ensure this is possible. The primary focus of the company is government-sponsored medical plans. It strives to provide management and integration support to ensure progressive and sustainable models are put into place and that their technological capabilities are current and with the potential to be expanded with future technologies.

In March 2015, in its quest to help in the reformation and transition of the health system in the US, InnovaCare sought to partner up with LAN which is the HSS’s Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. This announcement was however released on August 2016. This involved seeking to implement an alternative method of payment for medical services depending on the quality of services that one receives from either a physician or a medical specialist. This system is designed to use quantity as a measure of processing payments. LAN is designed to be implemented in both the governmental and private sectors of the medical field. The CEO of InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto and the CAO Penelope Kokkinides are on the frontline to ensure that InnovaCare LAN goals are achieved.

InnovaCare Health will contribute through the provision of support to LAN through the reformation of methods of payment and provision of transitional progress reports. InnovaCare goal through LAN is to influence thirty percent in the United States. Alternative payment methods or APMs are expected to reach 50% at the end of 2018. To measure the progress of its goals, InnovaCare plans to be on the frontline by being involved in the US data collection exercise that will be done nationwide as well as quantitative data surveying.

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