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Is McDonalds Planning a Meatless Burger

by Chris Holden - November 15th, 2019.
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It’s speculated that McDonalds could be jumping on the health burger faze like Impossible Foods. News recently broke that Impossible would be using McDonald’s long time distributor, OSI Group. The agreement done in July has created a solid relationship with Impossible to handle their outpouring demands from consumers. This recent activity in the food industry has pointed fingers at McDonald’s to see they are about to go plant-based for their patties. OSI Group has been their main supplier for decades. This is what’s raised the suspicion that McDonald’s could be following the route of Impossible Foods.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s has not yet accepted the plant-based burger excitement. For them, there seemed to be too many delays in the delivery of the product. This is in reference to Impossible struggling with other fast food chains to deliver the non-meat product on time. It’s also not something the Ronald McDonald chain sees catching on nationwide because of the lack of supply. OSI Group has grown from their days since 1909 as Chicago’s favorite meat packing business. Over the years, they’ve transformed into a protein-product giant organization. OSI is glad to handle Impossible Food’s demand that’s seems to grow at each mention.

A restaurant consultant stated that the OSI contract could prompt McDonalds into changing their stance and hop on board once the plant-based burger hits the U.S. markets. It’s something the company still could be waiting to see if the food demand remains a reality. In the meantime, they’re staying put with their beef burger patties and continuing with sales growth nationwide. Impossible shares their commitment to OSI, and looks forward to learning from the experts within the organization. OSI has responded to the distribution contract by installing new equipment to get ready for the demand for orders. Impossible’s senior vice president states that this helps them stay on track to meet capacities along with creating quality nutritious food.


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