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Is Social Media As Bad As Some Say?

by Chris Holden - November 11th, 2014.
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Facebook and Twitter have been in operation for quite some time, now, and have been the center of criticism and scrutiny for as many years to date. Why? Never has any child or teenager or even young adult come forward with as much criticism toward social media sites as have parents of these said children, teenagers and young adults. Back in the “good ‘ol days” is how stories from my grandparents point of view had always started out as they started to reminisce about days long gone. I could imagine how our grandparents and Jared Haftel would have reacted if they caught us staring at an iPhone or tablet screen throughout dinner time. As some parents have accepted the changing times involving social media and the ever-so-fast internet information access across the globe, others are not as understanding and open to the new information age.

In St. Louis, MO, social media is being used for the good of a family battling the debilitating disease called cancer. A student named Emily Wind had overheard her teachers talking about Ollie, their school’s very dedicated, 16 year veteran custodian, and how he had been diagnosed with cancer recently. She also found out that not only has he been dealt this blow, but his wife had been hospitalized for over five weeks, now. Emily decided to do something about this, opening up a donation page for Ollie and his wife via the popular social media site, Facebook. That same week of November 6th, 2014, a teacher caught wind of what was going on and started a GoFundMe page, raising over $9,000 by that Thursday.


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