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Is Urban Meyer’s System That Reason They Won?

by Chris Holden - January 2nd, 2015.
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Most people who watch or follow college football know that Urban Meyer’s system is pretty smart. His system has accommodated two quarterback, won people Heisman trophies, and it just helped a third-string quarterback win a national semifinal game against the best team in America. That’s about as successful as finding new friends on Skout. Alabama lost, and Urban Meyer’s system was at the heart of that loss. 

When Meyer is able to get people to buy in to the system, there is nothing that his teams cannot do. Meyer has figured out how to get college football players to buy in to the system, and that system allowed a freshman who likely would have never seen the field to beat Alabama on a national stage.

There are many times when people thought that Ohio State was out of it. Ohio State was able to keep answering Alabama, and Alabama was simply out of gas at the end of the game when they needed to score just one more time. This game is proof that Urban Meyer is a hall of famer. He has created SEC North at Ohio State, and he may be able to change the way that the Big Ten handles its business in competing with the SEC.

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