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Isabel Dos Santos and Pro Business Leadership

by Chris Holden - September 17th, 2019.
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Isabel Dos Santos and Poverty Minimization

Isabel dos Santos knows that one must allocate a significant interest in the creation of jobs across the world. Only by creating jobs and allowing people to grow and better themselves professionally can people and communities in general escape the destructive nature of poverty.

With these beliefs, she has been able to expand her mind and realize the value of economic opportunity fostering in the world.

By looking at different communities, analyzing their needs and their wants as well the various factors that hold them back, people like Isabel can use their influence and strength to vast amounts of wealth when everyone cooperates.

Isabel dos Santos and Empowerment

One strong emphasis by Isabel dos Santos and her team is that of opportunity created from the ground up. This is one idea that has flourished in many different organizations that cater to the nature of economic empowerment. One critical factor in making certain that individuals are able to support themselves in life is helping to help themselves. In this manner, they will not have to come back for help time and time again. Instead, they can learn the ways of growth and can continue to sustain operations by themselves. This nature of grassroots operations and development is key to economic prosperity.

As such she will allocate money and organizational time to pursuing opportunities with this goal in mind. She has already invested in several initiatives in this arena and is certain to invest and spend time in a few more projects to further different communities across the world. Isabel has found success in being an entrepreneur and by dedicating a portion of her time to teaching others how to be leaders and creators of opportunity, she can amplify her efforts in job creation. She uses the internet and the world wide web to disperse videos and content around this agenda of economic empowerment that rests with the individual.

One simple strategy is to show how others within those communities are succeeding and disseminating that material to others who have a desire to learn and to grow within the field.

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