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Isabel dos Santos Enters Into New Deal With Efacec In Portugal

by Chris Holden - May 29th, 2019.
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When it comes to prominent businesswomen from Africa, Isabel dos Santos is one name that stands tall within the field. She is someone who has had a significant impact on the entire real estate industry and currently stands as one of the richest women in Africa. Ever since the beginning of her entrepreneurial ventures, she has always tried to focus on projects within her home country of Angola. However, she recently decided to venture out into newer territory and decided to expand her company to a new country. The country that she chooses was Portugal because of the immense amount of potential there and because of the positive prospects that this venture could have on the real estate market as well as her own company. Visit her facebook page to learn more about her platforms.

Even though Isabel dos Santos is incredibly well established within her field, finding a viable business partner and company to work with wasn’t the easiest task. She needed a company that would help her expand on her ventures and which would allow her to establish a prominent position in this industry. After spending a considerable amount of time trying to find the right company, she decided to settle in on Efacec, a prominent name in Portugal. However, gaining the trust of this company was the next hindrance in her plans. For this, she decided to make a bold move that is almost unheard of in this kind of industry. The option that she decided to go in for was to eliminate the exit clause from the agreement that she was drafting and presenting to the company.

An exit clause normally allows the parties to exit out of the partnership deal, provided that they fill certain formalities and conditions. It might be a long and non-beneficial process, but it is something that parties often do to safeguard their own interests. Isabel dos Santos, however, wanted to show the company that she was here to stay, and this was something that she would be interested in for the long run. This bold move helped her earn the trust of the board at Efacec who were now convinced that Isabel dos Santos was here to stay.

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