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Isabel Dos Santos Has Made Important Commentary On The Topic Of Expanding Energy Availability Across The African Sector:

by Chris Holden - November 24th, 2019.
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Isabel dos Santos, a key leader of business in Africa, recently opened up on the topic of the importance of continued investment into the continent’s energy sector. She has stated that continued investment efforts into this sector are essential to make it possible for 5G communication capabilities to be brought to the continent. There is a strong desire among the major telecom operations in Africa to get 5G network technology distributed to customers, but a significant boost in the energy availability must accompany this effort. Isabel dos Santos pointed this out during a conference she spoke at in South Africa. There have been major efforts from private sector entities in recent years to boost the telecommunications capacity in the continent and she has stressed that she wants to see a similar trend occur with the ever-important energy sector. The tremendous respect that Isabel commands in international business circles means that her opinions on this topic will be considered quite heavily.

There are many reasons for a significant increase in the availability of both energy and communications capabilities. Isabel dos Santos points to the fact that the total population in the continent is expected to rise to the 2.4 billion level. This represents a significant increase from the current population of 1.2 billion. This rate exceeds other areas of global population such as China. With this in mind, the time is here for the private sector to act on this issue and put major capital resources into the expansion of the energy sector.

A major prediction that has been put forward by Isabel dos Santos is the idea that the next major wave of business in the continent is going to be focused on areas such as e-commerce, and other areas of the digital business sector. This underscores the importance of bringing 5G level communications technology to the continent. This point circles back to Isabel’s original point of the importance of upgrading the energy sector so that this other needed upgrade can be fully implemented. This is certainly an area of business that she plans to put a large amount of her concentration on.

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