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Isabel dos Santos on Building Angola’s Future

by Chris Holden - August 10th, 2019.
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How does someone build up the economic future of an entire country? For Afirca’s top wealthiest woman, Isabel dos Santos, you start with a diverse career to build up your business acumen, spanning countries across Europe, and getting involved in community efforts through philanthropy. One of her unique passions revolves around embracing young, talented professionals across Africa, particularly women. One industry she’s found needing investment is agriculture. This allows indigenous businesses to grow, allowing local economies to expand organically while respecting the immediate environment. Isabel dos Santos recognizes the wealth of natural resources spread across Africa, but few recognize the potential in the workforce. Diverse companies can lead to new perspectives, allowing a business to grow in directions no single person could conceive of alone.

She hopes that embracing them will encourage more young women to follow in her footsteps and pursue her entrepreneurship career. Any business that wants to succeed must be centered around community, she argued at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in 2018. That’s the best way to shape the future of her native Angola, and all of Africa. Community support can mean investing in infrastructure, making essentials like food and water more accessible. It can also mean making young people feel valued when joining up with a company. And by providing an example, by being visible, she thinks its possible to inspire enterprising your people to consider a future in business they may not have thought were possible.

Then there’s direct engagement. Isabel dos Santos is no stranger to mentoring those new to business while working on a project. And her impressive interest in agriculture allows for philanthropic opportunities. Not only are women already working in this industry, but they are a contributor to a growing middle class that could benefit from some direction. While that remains true, she sees the many challenges young women face to achieve financial independence. Fewer job opportunities. Limited loan prospects. Isabel dos Santos has addressed these complications by working with UN Women to promote equality. She may be the wealthiest African woman, she’s become so by making inroads in a male dominated industry. Those challenges, and the cost of success, may intimidate some, but she insists that an expanding Africa is not possible if women are not included in the economy. Click here.

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