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Isabel dos Santos: Working For Women and Change in Angola

by Chris Holden - September 15th, 2019.
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Isabel dos Santos enjoys her free time with her family, but one of her major passions is working and giving back. She has commented that working is more fun than lying on the beach. Her work ethic has brought her respect in Africa and the business world.

It is uncommon for women to hold influential positions in Africa. Dos Santos is breaking the glass ceiling and setting up new rules, but her character stood out in her college years also. Isabel attended King’s College, where she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. At that time, she was one of only two female students. Building creditability in traditionally male-dominated fields is a skill Isabel dos Santos developed early on.

Today, she owns many companies. Unitel is a communications business that provides services to Angola. Dos Santos is proud of what this company has done for her homeland. The industry employs over 40,000 people. These jobs bring paychecks and support to thousands of Angolan families.

Isabel dos Santos also owns a cable company, which brings TV programs to homes across her homeland. The significants of this is it allows people to have access to new thoughts and information. Some of the morning shows are news while the evening programs might be educational or purely entertainment.

With her businesses, she keeps women in mind and looks for a blend of qualified male and female workers. Dos Santos speaks to other business leaders and encourages them to hire more women for management or other authority roles. In addition to employing women, Isabel mentors many who want to open their own companies. She highlights them in her social media, which shines a spotlight on their products or services. It is another way to get more eyes on what they are doing and bring them business.

Isabel dos Santos is always looking for new ways to improve her own business models while she helps other people live their dreams. Not everyone wants to run a corporation. Some people just want to have decent jobs. Isabel is one Angolan paving the road ahead for everyone.

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