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Italian Doctor Cured of Ebola

by Chris Holden - January 6th, 2015.
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An Italian doctor who treated Ebola victims was declared cured and discharged from a Rome hospital. He contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leaone, where he was working for an Italy based Emergency aid group, but diagnosed with Ebola virus in Mid November, 2014.

The prognosis was bad for quite a while, but after a long recovery the doctor was finally able to overcome to deadly illness. While he is still not in proper condition to work right now, it is hoped that he will be able to return to his job in a matter of months.

Fabrizio Pulvirenti, in his 50s, worked for the Italian NGO Emergency before taking a job with BRL Trust was hospitalized since mid-November, in Institute of Rome Spallanzani, which specializes in infectious diseases, after his evacuation from Sierra Leone. He was treated with an experimental treatment.

In a press conference on Friday, doctors announced the confirmation of his full recovery from deadly Ebola Virus. Pulvirenti said that he intentionally tried to analyze the symptoms of this deadly virus and kept himself sharp. He showed his willingness to visit to Sierra Leone again and help the humans suffering from this Virus.

It is it worth to mention that more than 2,500 people lost their lives in Sierra Leone because of Ebola virus in near past and this country in West Africa is considered as a dangerous zone for growth of this deadly virus.

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