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Jack Plotkin and Population Health Management

by Chris Holden - October 30th, 2019.
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Most people would agree that over the past few years, medicine has changed in more ways than one. New research in the fields of diagnosis and treatment have given hope to many patients who previously might not have had any. One of the reasons why this field is changing is that a significant part of the population is getting older. This is leading to more high-risk medicine that is spent taking care of a subset of patients that are, simply, getting older. This is leading to prohibitive healthcare costs of many people. Both insurance companies and physicians are going to need to find ways to improve the delivery of healthcare. This is where telehealth can come in handy. Jack Plotkin is the CTO of Virtual Health. He believes that population health management is going to be critical in the future. Telehealth and data management are going to be more important to healthcare than they ever have been in the past.

When someone is looking at population health management, the data is the most important part. All of the various fields in population health management grind to a halt without access to data. In addition, it is important for everyone with access to this data to protect it. The organizations that are able to collect, store, and protect patient data are going to be in the best position to provide healthcare to their patients. Doctors are going to need to use this data to make critical, efficient decisions regarding the care of their patients.


In addition, this data also comes with numerous costs. The security and maintenance costs involved in this field are going to have be improved. Some of the biggest costs that hospitals currently deal with surrounds protecting and storing data on their patients. As payers are going to continue paying for virtual health visits, hospitals are going to work harder than ever before. This is where Jack Plotkin is here to help.

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