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Jack Plotkin and the Future of Telehealth Medicine

by Chris Holden - October 7th, 2019.
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Jack Plotkin is a successful and driven technology professional that is always striving for more. He attended Harvard University where he studied computer science. He has worked with tons of large companies including Fortune 500 companies working with programming and analytic tools. Though he worked initially in investment banking, Jack Plotkin has now moved to the world of technology and telehealth and is the CTO of VirtualHealth.

Jack PlotkinHe was one of the first members of VirtualHealth and has helped it to grow from a small, two desk operation to a company that is rapidly growing and is part of the Deloitte Fast 500. VirtualHealth offers a huge range of services and is now working to help vulnerable patients to get better access to healthcare and to use personal logging items like pedometers or smartwatches that take constant stats on the individual.

Plotkin states that diversity is one of the things that helps to keep him going every day and helps to make his days interesting. Plotkin first became part of healthcare while advising with life science companies like Merck and Pfizer while still working in investment banking. He saw that things needed to change and that there was room for improvement. He worked with healthcare companies for years before becoming officially involved in 2012 with VirtualHealth. There is so much that can be done for healthcare and Plotkin and his company are working to help improve the overall landscape and make a true difference.

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin says that though healthcare is a somewhat conservative industry, there is certainly room for change and room for improvement. As one of the most significant industries in the world, healthcare has the potential to have a huge impact on patients and on the way that people interact with their healthcare. Jack and his team have been working tirelessly to bring change to the ever-growing healthcare industry and are set to make some fantastic strides as the landscape changes.

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