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James Gregory Aziz’s Success Journey

by Chris Holden - September 10th, 2017.
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National Steel Car is currently a world leader in freight engineering. Gregory Aziz or James as he is commonly known was born in the year 1949 in April in Ontario where he also grew up. James Aziz later went to Ridley College and later the University of Western Ontario. Here, he graduated with a degree in Economics a step, which would see him achieve greater heights in his life.


Gregory Aziz did not leave Ontario to look for greener pastures like many do once they finish their higher education. Instead, he stayed there and put the proficiency that he earned while in the university into play. Theirs was a commercial food related business known as Affiliated Food. During the time that James worked there, the business grew to a global level where it would import fresh foods from other parts of the world and later distribute to major markets such as the United States. Gregory Aziz was not done in his quest for a better life as he then moved on to New York where he worked in different investment banks.


James Aziz impacts positively on National Steel Car

In 1994 Gregory J Aziz took a bold move, which turned out to be his breakthrough by purchasing National steel car, which was on the margin of collapse. The company, which was once on the top was now dying due to the 1930 depression period that had spared no industry from food to textile ones. It seems that Greg Aziz knew what he was doing and in his mind had a plan that would see the transformation of National Steel Car. When James Aziz took over, he managed to make the company sing to a different tune because, in only five years, it was already doing better than before.


Greg James Aziz increased the production rate by almost 200%. That is from 3500 to 12000. Therefore that only means that to make this happen he needed more labor. Hence, he increased the workforce from 600 to 3000 employees. Through this, he helped better the lives of those on the environs of National Steel car through the provision of employment opportunities. Thanks to Aziz’s efforts, good leadership and cooperation with the employees the company is currently a world leader and the only company. National Steel Car deals in the manufacture of freight cars and other rolling stock in North America.



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