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Japanese Brewery Makes Collegen Infused Beer

by Chris Holden - April 13th, 2015.
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Some women will do just about anything in the name of beauty and there always companies willing to capitalize on that. In the latest news on companies marketing to image and youth obsessed women, a Japanese brewery has created and manufactured a beer that contains 2 grams of collagen. The beer, which is manufactured by Japanese brewery Brewer Suntory, is called Precious, and is a light beer. In order to herald its arrival, an ad was released that feels just as strange and sexist as a collegen infused light beer. Just in case you don’t speak Japanese, it features a famous Japanese comedian crashing a group of models hanging out, a tagline that translates to “Guys can always tell if you’re taking collagen.”

For now, the beer is only available in Hokkaido in Japan (as seen here), so if you want to try it like Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG you’re going to have to travel there to get it. Don’t fret though, the jury is still out on whether or not drinking collagen has any really effect on your ski, as most scientists say that your body breaks it down before it can reach your skin, with other studies saying that it has some effect. And if you really do want to try drinking or eating collagen in an attempt to look younger, there are plenty of supplements and drinks available right here in the United States that contain plenty of collagen.

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