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Jason Hope- Application of IoT in the airline industry

by Chris Holden - May 31st, 2018.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is neither imagination nor science fiction; it is a reality which is dawning on us. This is a technology that will have so much great impact in the world that even your bread will be able to communicate with the toaster. There are numerous applications of the IOT that keeps cropping up every other day. As technology takes over all aspects of human life, IOT is promising to take over almost all the daily duties of the human being; even as simple as preparing your breakfast.

IOT is a technology that is making it possible to connect wireless devices to the internet. This advancement is affecting almost every sector, from medical, cars to even how a toothbrush operates. According to a research done by Gartner Inc., there will be over 25 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. This will be the beginning of bigger things which will soon become apparent to everyone.

IOT is made possible by Bluetooth beacon technology. This is a device that will be able to connect devices to the people and even devices to other devices. With IoT, devices will be able to communicate remotely without the assistance of human beings. Bluetooth beacons are embedded in sensors and are just very small objects that will collect and relay information from one destination to another.

The IOT technology has a great contribution to the airline industry. There are so many applications for this technology in the airline industry such that airlines are putting aside a segment of their budgets in implementing IOT solutions in companies. Already, IOT is an integral part of the airline industry and is even going to be bigger in coming years.

One of the people who have great hopes for the Internet of Things technology is Jason Hope. He is a self-declared futurist who helps businesses predicts the future trends in technology so that they can align their programs with the future. Jason hope sees great hopes in IOT in the airline industry. He started prediction about the internet of things almost a decade ago and today. It is becoming a reality.

Jason Hope was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a tech entrepreneur who owns various technology firms. He is also a philanthropist and a mentor. He supports research in the biotechnology industry. The research is about creating an anti-ageing drug. As a mentor, Jason Hope goes around Scottsdale talking to students and encouraging them to have a positive attitude towards technological advancements.

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