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Jason Hope Offers Financial Assistance to the Sens Research Foundation

by Chris Holden - June 10th, 2019.
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Jason Hope is a hard-working man who is good in various fields. He can professionally be described as an Investor, Futurist, Entrepreneur, and also a Philanthropist. He has a great passion for technology, and he makes keen observations in the technology industry and therefore makes a prediction on the future of the technology. Jason Hope has hence been able to contribute some good amount of cash to the SENS Research Foundation in order to enable the foundation to carry out its various operations efficiently.

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The SENS Research Foundation always conducts the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Seminar annually. The foundation has Aubrey de Grey as the Senior Science Officers, and he is also one of its founding members. He is always making efforts to remind the attendees that the seminar is of great significance to each and every one of them. He also comments that their contribution towards the success of the conference is very important as it helps in the achievement of the conference’s goal. The main objective and goal of the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference are to come up with products and drugs that protect against the negative effects of aging. Various experts and professionals from all over the world always meet at the conference where they have ample time to interact with other experts, learn from them, and also share their ideas with them.

SENS operates under the support of researchers, investor, and also scientists who provide funds for running the facility. One of the supporters of SENS is Jason Hope. He has been providing his support to SENS for a considerable length of time. Jason Hope states that he is honored to provide financial support to the organization. He adds that the organization works very hard in order to come up with remedies against various illnesses that cause the destruction of body tissues, thus causing fast aging.

Jason Hope’s birthplace is Tempe, which is located in Arizona. He pursued his undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He later on earned in MBA from the famous Carey School of Businesses. He currently lives in Arizona, specifically in Scottsdale.

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