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Jason Hope Points to IoT as Next Major Wave of Technology for the Planet

by Chris Holden - November 7th, 2019.
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What’s With the Internet of Things

For Jason Hope, the important to understand about the Internet of Things is that it has the power to unite the world and humanity through the internet. Surely there have been some terrible things that have been done by some through the use of cyberwar. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things has the power to bring about great good for the home and the world through this tool called the Internet of Things. First, it is a way for technologists and internet users to combine forces to bring good about for society and individuals.

IoT at Work in the World

Some of the great things that have been done so far thru the Internet of Things is the collaboration of scientist, doctors, lawyers, and medical technologist to share information from their professions to assist other professionals in real-time so that their decisions for people’s health, cour cases, significant junctures in life’s unexpected events can turn out for the better because of the sharing of critical information at the right moment.

Biographical Details of an Entrepreneur

Jason H. was born in Tempe, Arizona. Later after high school, he attended Arizona State University, where he studies for an undergraduate degree (MA) and a graduate degree (MBA). Jason Hope made his career in technology. He frequently contributes to significant causes that he sees will have a big impact on humanity in the future. He has a Tees business where his company makes t-Shirts that make life more joyful by sharing light-hearted fun about oneself through t-shirt messages.

SENS Foundation and Anti-Aging

Jason Hope began supporting the anti-aging research and development in 2009 when he started to make contributions to the SENS Foundation, founded by Aubrey de Grey. De Grey found his life’s work while working towards his Ph.D. working in biotechnology and began interested in the processes that lead to senescence or the steps of aging and towards death.

Why Philanthropy is Important

Jason H. made one of his most considerable known philanthropic gifts to the SENS Foundation in 2009 to support the foundation with a $500K grant for laboratory, research, and development equipment. Also, Jason Hope recently began a scholarship for young entrepreneurs who are seeking to get their startup off the ground. He offers a small gift toward their first steps in their startup. After some initial processes, he awards these scholarships on a case by case basis.

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