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Jazz Beat Down

by Chris Holden - February 3rd, 2015.
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The Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association pulled off the unthinkable last night. They took down the Golden State Warriors and then honestly did it in a pretty big way, leading for the majority of the game. It is ironic that the Warriors have gone on such big winning streaks that are cut by two game skid. Even more so, this time they lost to the Utah Jazz who are way below 500 and the previous 2 game skid they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers who are also a terrible team this year. It is a bit strange, but maybe the Warriors just had an off night think fans like Flavio Maluf. They lost to the Chicago Bulls the other night, but that game went to overtime and Chicago is a truly legit team that played a great game against them so that game is understandable. The Utah Jazz stepped up huge last night and they really didn’t even look like the same team that has been coming to the court for the Jazz this whole season. They were playing as a cohesive unit and they were pounding the paint like they should and they flat out got the better of the Warriors. Golden State looked confused in the fourth quarter when they were down by a huge margin, but they failed to put together a rally that would give them a chance to win at the end of the game.

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