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by Chris Holden - September 1st, 2019.
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When a person is looking to learn how to conduct business and become a successful retailer they can check out the blog from This blog contains a great deal of information about business and how to get ahead. is the top largest retailer in China and they are looking to expand their shipping. They are ready to import kiwi and apples from New Zealand so that the people of China can enjoy them.

With the importing of the fruit they are also developing a professional relationship with other major companies including Zespri and Rockit Global Limited. JD also over 300 million customers and now they can begin to add additional high quality products including fruits that are not easy to get in China.

They have seen an increase in the amount of overseas fruits by 20 percent in just two years. The importing of fruits to China is big successful business. The company makes over $606 million in fruit sales alone. JD has increased the sales of fruit to Chinses customers and the New Zealand company has seen an 80 percent increase in sales. This number is still growing. is allowing the people of China to have new food options for fruits and other products.

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