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Jed McCaleb – The Talented Created of Mt. Gox

by Chris Holden - May 29th, 2018.
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Jed McCaleb is the creator of Mt. Gox. He is the CTO in stellar. Currently, he is the Director of stellar. Jed is building decentralized system. Those systems democratize economic participation.

Jed believes that they should leverage technology to improve people’s livelihood. Jed is a programmer, and he spends his time thinking about how he can help the world to move forward.

There are factors which made Jed find the stellar organization. He recognized that infrastructure in the world is broken. He also realized that a big number of people are left without resources. The Stellar organization combines the love of open system that Jed has the passion for creating inclusive, accessible resources.

Stellar is a nonprofit organization whereby technology is coupled with digital financial literacy. Jed hopes that Stellar organization will enable full economic participation for all people in the whole world. Jed spent three years in machine intelligence research institute [MIRI]. MIRI exists to ensure that the production of smatter than personnel intelligence has positive results.

Jed McCaleb told CNBC that he envisions a blockchain powered that is a single payment system for the whole world. Jed said that in future there would be an operable universal payment network in the future. He sees a possibility for a hybrid system that will enable the payment of flat currencies through the blockchain.

By 2028, Stellar blockchain technology will be in a position to power a Universal payment network that will process payments together with traditional assets such as shares and stock.

Jed McCaleb has been a crypto developer for a long period. He has predicted that stellar’ technology will change international finance system. This includes payments, fundraising, and stock markets.

Jed is not someone to ignore due to his resume. His resume includes his experience in Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange and as the CEO of Stellar. He says that financial system is not tapping the market in a presentable manner. A report provided by financial research firm states that the ICOs have helped in raising $9 billion over four years.

Although ICOs have become popular, it is unfortunate due to emerging fraudsters who are taking advantage of the new technology. The fraudsters drain investors’ money hence crippling their investment zeal.

Jed McCaleb on Block Zero:

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