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Jeff Aronin: Creating a New Financial System

by Chris Holden - May 18th, 2018.
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Jeff Aronin is a hardworking American executive, and he is currently serving as the chairman and CEO of a medical company known as Paragon Biosciences. He was elected to the position by a unanimous vote coming from the board of directors, and he assumed his office in 2010. After he was elected to the position, Jeff Aronin immediately instructed the departments within the company to do a lot of researches and studies that would help them develop new treatments that could benefit humanity. Paragon Biosciences focused on creating a new way on how to treat diseases based on the information that is stored in a gigantic network of medical data. Jeff Aronin widely knows that pathogens keep on evolving, and if humanity fails to evolve, they can be eradicated by a single pandemic.

To ensure that the global population will keep its healthy status, Jeff Aronin decided to publish some of their works to attract people into changing their lifestyle. They have also advertised several medications that helped propel the economy of Paragon Biosciences. Aside from service the company, Jeff Aronin was also given several positions in a lot of third-party companies. He either served as a consultant, a board member, or other important position within the company ( He has used all of his knowledge and idea of creating a new way to find the cure for deadly diseases like cancer.

The career path of Jeff Aronin can also be considered as full of surprises. Jeff Aronin let the company to be purchased by Lundbeck, Inc., but this acquisition never lasts long because new clients and deal breakers are trying to influence the growth of the company. Jeff Aronin joined the Paragon Biosciences after he realized that his life should become better. Before being promoted to the position, Jeff Aronin already had a dream to become a company CEO. He worked his best until he finally saw some results, and everyone knows what he has been doing recently is doing humanity a favor. For Jeff Aronin, it is much better for him to search for the cure of future disease, and he should be working with his fellow scientists to help enlighten the condition of the brain.

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