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Jeff Aronin’s Desire to Improve Lives

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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Many people around the world are facing rare diseases in which not too much can be done about it. However, that is all about to change. Jeff Aronin is fighting to help improve the lives of these people that are facing rare diseases.


Jeff Aronin is a Philanthropist and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. The sole purpose of this is to help others live their best lives. This company’s mission is to help people who are struggling with which are very rare and hard to treat. There are only a few treatment options and then there are none at all.


How does Paragon Biosciences go about this process? They create and they also develop medical companies. The intention of this is to also create new prescription medications and treatments. However, the leadership of Paragon Biosciences has been great for the past decade. There have been 13 new medications that were approved by the FDA. It is also noted that the rate of approval can only be rivaled by big pharmaceutical companies.


Jeff Aronin’s business model offers financial and strategic assistance to biotechnology companies that are really striving to create new medication. Paragon works hard to really get to know the needs of the patient. They also work fast for a breakthrough in science, and to help build companies to extend the life of these patients. The company has a really great business plan in which it has helped to get them were they are today.


Jeff Aronin has been in the biotechnology industry for 20 years and he knows how research methods can be complicated, disorders that are very rare, and how to develop new medicines that may help with these rare disorders. He is a great leader and is known for helping others. His leadership skills allows him to find other researchers that care about the lives of others and to help find a cure for rare medical conditions and fatal illnesses.


Jeff Aronin definitely has the proper educational background that is needed to change the lives of others suffering from medical conditions. This is why he decided to create his own company. In the year 2000, he created Ovation Pharmaceuticals to help patients who have critical health conditions.


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