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Jeff Yastine and What He Says About the Kennedy Accounts

by Chris Holden - April 9th, 2018.
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The name Jeff Yastine is synonymous with the “Kennedy accounts”. These dubious accounts are often misconstrued as a scam, and there has been little information about these accounts. While you may believe that these accounts are a scam, they are anything but a scam.

Jeff Yastine has assured millions through his videos and published information that the “Kennedy accounts” are not a scam. In fact, he is teaching valuable information to those who watch his videos, sharing more about these accounts that are considered to be viable investments. These accounts are not bank accounts, but they are based upon stocks and shares. Read this article at

These accounts are something that you can leverage for buying stocks. The key according to Jeff Yastine, is to buy in when shares are low. This could mean buying them as much as $25 below their true value. When the stocks go up, it’s time to cash in. This is great news for those who want to earn some cash. These accounts are what he states is the real key to earning dividends from buying these stocks.

If you are wondering why Jeff Yastine matters, consider that his work as a financial journalist is paying off. No pun intended. His focus has always been to speak with the powerful and those who make the big decisions regarding the economy and job creation. While he may appear as just another journalist, don’t be so quick to judge. Jeff Yastine has been working diligently behind the scenes in his field, often appearing on The Nightly Business Report. He also won an emmy for his investigative work in finance regarding these accounts and many other financial interests. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

While these accounts continue to remain a mystery to so many, you can be assured that Yastine has done the work for you upfront. He has made it simple, and has investigated the concept of these accounts and how they were started. The goal? Yastine says that when Kennedy created these accounts the purpose was to get America moving again. Sound familiar?

Kennedy knew that the stock market was critical, and it was a great option for those who wanted to buy stock, and earn some cash when things were good. Today, Yastine is the editor of The Wealth Insider.


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