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Jeremy Goldstein: Helping Fountain House Make the World a Better Place For All

by Chris Holden - September 9th, 2019.
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When it comes to philanthropy, most people pick the easiest causes to stand behind because it’s not actually about making the world a better place for most; it’s about getting social media followers and likes. For Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House, the mission is to make the world a better place for those suffering from mental illnesses.

Fountain House is a New York City-based charity that’s dedicated to the full recovery of men and women with mental illness. The experts at Fountain House work with those affected until they’ve fully recovered and rejoined society. The overall mission is to improve the quality of life as best as possible.

At Fountain House, recovery starts by ensuring the affected have places to live. Fountain House then goes as far as helping them find jobs so that they can monetarily support themselves.

The biggest obstacle facing mental health recovery is negative public opinion. The stigma around mental illness is the most harmful element of this global epidemic. People’s unwillingness to acknowledge their issues and address them properly start with society’s perception of those with mental illness. In many cultures, these people are still shunned by the community.

Fountain House first chops away at the stigma then focuses on building up those with mental illness confidence level. Many mental illnesses can be managed and treated with simple, open conversations with a close friend, family member, or professional. To further build their confidence, Fountain House works with supportive communities to ensure their patients have a welcoming place to return to society.

Behind Fountain House’s marvelous mission is a desperate need for funding. That’s where people like Jeremy Goldstein serve their purpose. While Jeremy Goldstein is also an advocate for those with mental illnesses, he’s especially great at raising money and awareness at the time in a fun, light-hearted way.

Jeremy Goldstein is corporate lawyer who specializes in executive compensation and corporate governance. He’s also the attorney everyone goes to when they need advice during mergers and acquisitions.

In 2018, Jeremy Goldstein hosted a fancy wine dinner on top of the Nomad Hotel to raise money for Fountain House. Guests loved the luxurious wine vintages and the views of the New York skyline so much; they begged him to throw another dinner later that year.

This year, he’s throwing another wine dinner in the same place on May 21. Tickets are $5,000 each, but guests will be treated to similar wine vintages, the same gorgeous views, and a decadent meal prepared by one of New York’s finest chefs.


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