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Jeremy Goldstein’s Charity Gala

by Chris Holden - August 27th, 2019.
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A foundation named Fountain House has been a part of New York City since 1944. A loose group of people suffering from various mental illnesses came together to form the group, which they called “We are not alone” at the time, to help each through their daily lives. The founders used community service as a way to combat their mental illnesses and help their local community at the same time. In 1948, the group had expanded so much that a house was needed to use for an office and living space. Leaders of the organization found a property containing a house and a large fountain. This fountain was quickly seen as a symbol of the work the organization was performing, and so they changed the name of their group to Fountain House.


Fountain House continues to operate in New York City and beyond. They fund research, looking for cures and other ways to treat mental illness. They educate the public about mental illness and discourage negative stereotypes. More importantly, Fountain House helps people suffering from debilitating mental illnesses reestablish themselves as functioning members of society. To do this, Fountain House has its clients volunteer in different fields, like culinary arts, communications, and horticulture. Doing this allows clients to learn skills and form relationships within the community. Clients are able to earn diplomas, find long-term careers, and lead fulfilling lives.


A charity event was recently thrown for Fountain House by New York attorney Jeremy Goldstein. Mr. Goldstein hosted this event at the Nomad Hotel in New York City. The rooftop gala featured a five-star menu and a wide array of vintage and rare wines. Tickets for the event sold for $5000 and the proceeds will help Fountain House continue its operations well into the future.


Jeremy Goldstein has been working as a lawyer since he graduated from law school at New York University. His first job involved working for a large legal firm. In this position, Mr. Goldstein rubbed elbows with some of New York’s most prominent CEOs and business owners. Mr. Goldstein used this experience to start his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. This firm works mainly with mergers and acquisitions but also assists companies with matters like corporate governance and executive compensation.


Mr. Goldstein’s success has earned him the attention of some big legal firms. He has been named as one of the top corporate attorneys in the United States by the Legal 500.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on Linkedin.

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