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Jeunesse Global: A Breakdown of Promotional Products, Bonuses, and More

by Chris Holden - May 7th, 2019.
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Jeunesse Global offers a business opportunity to individuals by allowing them to promote Jeunesse Global’s product while giving them the tools and support needed to accomplish their personal goals. Goals can range from financial freedom, having the ability to work from home, or using the platform as a means to generate part-time income.


One method Jeunesse Global uses to help the team members earn revenue is by providing them printed material. Jeunesse Global’s creative team creates the items, so you do not have to pay a designer or create content yourself, but if you are talented in this department, you can make your own flyers, brochures, or pamphlets. For the rest of us, Jeunesse Global creates custom quality pieces.


In addition, Jeunesse Global consistently offers and pays bonuses. Once you implement the system and use their promotional material along with your personal selling style, you can earn rewards. Bonuses are inspiring, and Jeunesse Global seems to understand that it helps the sales team grow. It is encouraging to get one, and the bonuses can be used as goals. Goal setting is a powerful tool to drive the business forward. An example of a bonus is the First Order payout. Making your first sale will be exciting enough, but getting paid more is always welcome. Jeunesse Global focuses on its workforce and products.


Many of Jeunesse Global’s products are based on cellular research. They work closely with scientists, dermatologists, and other professionals to create unique ingredients. Their findings pointed to the fact that stem cells from adults played a role in rebuilding and repairing damaged and aging skin. Many of their goods focus on anti-aging. The company’s products cover a wide range of applications and conditions. Cleansers and creams are popular in their skincare lineup.


Jeunesse Global is a business built by creative partners, who collaborate to promote healthy living products. The company supplies its members with the tools necessary to succeed. The physical products that their labs generate are science-backed as well as backed by Jeunesse Global. If an individual is not satisfied with an item, they can get a refund within specified timeframes.


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