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Jingdong on Staying Humble in the Face of Fame

by Chris Holden - July 2nd, 2019.
Filed under: Business Adviser, COMPANY. Tagged as: . has built themselves a throne, and they are now enjoying the prospect of sitting upon it for many years to come. Their success has not been the result of a few months of effort; they have been investing their lives into the passion project that is for several years, and the amount of work they have been able to do while hired by Jingdong is incredible. People often forget just how passionate and fervent the energy of a corporate entity can be, but is a powerful reminder that we cannot exclude them form our minds.

Jingdong has proven that they stand for the people throughout the many years of their running. It would seem as though everything they do is rooted in the desire to help others, and this is something that they have been willing to explore. Their philanthropic efforts are indicative of this, and, more importantly, they remind us that there is nothing more impressive than an individual who puts themselves before others.

Lessons like these are the kind that stands to teach people. They hope that people can learn, from the success Jingdong has attained, just how possible it is to succeed in this world. Even when everyone told Jingdong that they were valued at nothing and that they would not change the world, they kept persevering, and these continuous efforts have finally begun to pay off. Through years of effort, the company is now facing success like it has never seen before.

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