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John Textor’s Pulse Evolution Edge Closer To A Live Legends Show

by Chris Holden - September 8th, 2015.
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John Textor is much more than just the Executive Chairman of Florida’s Pulse Evolution, he is also an enthusiast of all aspects of the entertainment industry. Textor has worked in Hollywood as the head of a successful studio and visual effects producer and now guards the history of the US entertainment industry as Pulse looks to bring iconic performers back to the stage. A number of stars who have passed away are soon to retake the stage in the form of holograms who will recreate their most iconic performances in a live venue.

John Textor believes the work of Pulse Evolution will push the boundaries of what can be achieved in a live stage environment. tells that this work comes after Textor pushed the boundaries of what the public expects from visual effects in the movie business during his time working as the head of Digital Domain. Textor allowed a large amount of development to take place amongst his staff at Digital Domain to push computer generated images as far as could be expected at the start of the 21st century. John Textor presided over an Oscar win for Digital Domain for their work creating the first believable CGI human character in the movie The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

Moving to Pulse Evolution, John Textor has spent a large amount of time looking over the research and development of the company to make sure it is ready to be released. The time for release may well be drawing near as Pulse Evolution filed its second quarter financial statement and paperwork to begin the process of offering stocks on a national stock exchange. The company initially raised $15 million with a limited offering on the OTC markets of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which allowed the first stages of development to be comopleted. The latest paperwork completed will see a larger offering made,which should not be an issue after the financial statement last published showed a healthy revenue stream and expenditure continuing on research and development. Rumors of deals being struck with the estates of stars including Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe should also see any stock offering prove a success for Pulse Evolution and John Textor.

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