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Jojo Hedaya: Solving E-mail Clutter Through Unroll.Me

by Chris Holden - May 9th, 2019.
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Your number one essential tool to get access to majority of the internet’s contents and platforms is your electronic mail or your e-mail. Your e-mail is your number one tool for communication for any platform or for any one around the world. Which means, the traffic on your e-mail is dynamically busy, sending and receiving from multitudes of platforms. Your most important letters also come from your e-mails, which is why it is such a bother when your inbox is so disorganized and full of junk. But sometimes it is just too uncontrollable that we just get used to the mess and we just get used to sifting through our e-mails so that we can get to the important things.

But it doesn’t always have to be this way, our e-mails don’t have to be forever full of garbage e-mail. Two individuals who grew extremely tired of dealing with junk mail, unwanted subscriptions and spam mail in general and so they developed a software that can automatically organize your email for you. These individuals are Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. They punctuate that their software was born out of personal frustration and the struggles of dealing with unwanted and trash e-mail. They were struggling with people not getting the important e-mails they were sending, and they were also frustrated with not being able to read important mail that was sent to them – and by the time they figure out they have been sent important mail, it was already too late to reply.

Let me introduce you to Unroll.Me, the easiest application you can use to easily manage and organize your e-mail. Jojo Hedaya programmed Unroll.Me to scan through your inbox and identify all mail that reads like a subscription or raises red flags that can mean it is spam or trash mail. After which, the application goes through an algorithm that puts these all in a folder, called a “rollup” – and every day you are sent a rollup email containing all the compiled mail and it gives you options on what to do with these e-mails. Whether you choose to keep them, unsubscribe or ultimately delete them.

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