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Jose Borghi: The Ultimate Leader of Advertising

by Chris Holden - December 5th, 2016.
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Jose Borghi has rightfully gained a great reputation as being the ultimate leader in the advertising industry of Brazil. First of all, he has acquired decades of experience within the industry contributing to the success of many companies. Before finding the agency, Mullen Lowe, the different companies he worked for included Ogilvy, DM9/DDB, FCB, Leo Burnett, and FCB. Additionally, he earned a degree in advertising when he graduated from the PUC Campinas.

His Company’s Great Success

Borghi founded his organization along with his business partner, Erh Ray. The company was originally called Borghi Lowe. This company has became a great success that is known as one of the most influential within advertising for Brazil and internationally. As a matter of fact, it has become such a great success that it has merged with another gigantic mogul, Lowe & Partners and the Group Mullen. And as a result, the conglomerate is now called Mullen Lowe, and Borghi is now the co-CEO along with André Gomes.

Valuable Life Lessons from Borghi

Borghi knew early on in life what he wanted to do for a career. He also knew that nothing will be given to him. He knew that success just doesn’t happen through fate or luck but through hard work and perseverance. Jose Borghi and his partner did everything starting out. They did the planning, creating, media, and coffee. He also stated that they had no bank backing them, no investor, and no Godfather. They started from scratch into what is now an advertising mogul that is the envy of others.

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Recognitions and Awards

And furthermore, Jose Borghi’s success speaks in more ways than one. He has been recognized by prestigious organizations on and was awarded accordingly. His agency was behind recognizable campaigns, such as review concepts Carlinhos, Fiat, Honda, and other big enterprises in which received awards in Brazil and abroad. Other awards earned included paints, Arcor, ITA, American Express, BankBoston, Alpargatas, America Online, Antarctica, Asia Motors, Grupo Folha, Bunge Group, Electrolux, Proctor, Unilever, Editora Globo, Delta Airlines, and others. The most notable awards included 11 New York Festival Awards, 10 awards from The One Show, 7 London Festival awards, and 14 awards from Cannes Lions. Borghi was even awarded the Clios Advertising Awards last spring, and Jose Borghi was awarded the “Advertiser of the Year” award in 2009 by the APP on

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