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Kaci Hickox Claims Political Motives Were Behind Her Being Dubbed the “Ebola Nurse”

by Chris Holden - November 17th, 2014.
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Nurse Kaci Hickox, who voluntarily traveled to West Africa to help treat patients suffering from Ebola, demands that the media and public stop referring to her as the “Ebola nurse”. Big thanks to my Facebook friend Marc Sparks for sharing this article. After all, Hickox explains, she never had symptoms of Ebola, tested negative for Ebola, and is now past the 21 day incubation period for Ebola– meaning that she will not develop symptoms in the future.

Hickox also lashes out at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Maine Governor Paul LePage in her recent op-ed piece, accusing them of using her as a ploy for political gain. Hickox says that the governors used a fear tactic– playing on the public’s misunderstanding of the transmission of Ebola– to keep her quarantined against her will even though she never showed symptoms of Ebola and tested negative for it upon her return from treating patients in West Africa. She also slams Governor Christie for referring to her as “obviously ill”, when she says she was never even remotely sick.

Hickox also says that her partner, a nursing student in Maine, was discriminated against due to his association with Hickox and was forbidden from returning to his nursing school. She laments that the United States should have a better understanding of Ebola and should be more compassionate towards the situation in West Africa and the aid workers that travel there to offer help.

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