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Ken Goodrich Saves Goettl from Perishing

by Chris Holden - May 12th, 2017.
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Associating with a dying, or in other words, a broken company is a risk that no investor is willing to undertake. However, for Ken Goodrich, it’s a hobby that he turns into an investment opportunity. Now and then, Ken buys broken business and revives it, a skill that he has successfully applied for several years.


In 2013, Ken Goodrich took the risk of acquiring Goettl Air Condition, an already crushing business. Being his 16th business reviving encounter, and having a broad experience in the air conditioning industry, Ken set out to handle the new task. Ken Goodrich acquired the business from a large out-of-state company that had owned it for about five years.


In the first place, Ken Goodrich understood that the newly acquired business previously had a case with the attorney general for dubious business operations which had been settled. According to him, client’s perception was yet to be cleared, and he made his duty win back customer’s trust.


According to Ken Goodrich, he first set out to motivate the staff who would act as the company’s image to the clients. Also, Ken and his new business introduced new programs focused on assisting the needy in the society through activities such as providing the homeless with cases of water during summer.


Over and over again, Goettl has associated itself with community projects hence winning the ‘customer’s happiness’ which Ken says to be the key to business. On the other hand, workers in Goettl have become proud of being associated with such a thriving business hence motivated while handling their daily duties.


About Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Company has been in operation since 1939. The air conditioning business was originally based in Phoenix. Goettl was founded by two brothers, Gust and Adam Goettl as a family venture before being sold over and over again until 2013 when Ken Goodrich acquired it.


Under Ken Goodrich, Goettl, a venture that was once a small business is magically growing. Within a short time, under Ken’s leadership, the company has recorded up to 500 percent growth. Today, the company has branches in Las Vegas, Tucson, Southern California, and more are yet to come.

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