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Kevin Seawright Starts a Program to Help the Youth

by Chris Holden - March 8th, 2016.
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Newark youth has something to smile about in the New Year. This is because the popular Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, which is led by one Kevin Seawright and other partners, will help them secure good jobs this summer. The partners in this noble cause will be Newark Works and several important and prominent organizations and people in the city.

This year, the renowned organization known as Summer Youth Employment Plan is planning to offer around six weeks experience to all the students who stay in the city. The six-weeks work will be paid for, meaning that these students will earn a living as well as get the experience they need to venture into the employment industry. During this program, the students will be trained while at work. They will also be offered empowerment lectures, financial information lessons and some college readiness activities and programs.

For the students who are in their first year, their applications will be made online. According to Seawright, this will help the whole process a lot. The internet has improved the way things are done in the modern times, and the students have access to the internet all the time, making it even easier. This Monday, the program received over three hundred and fifty applications, and this clearly shows just how much easy it is. A program that used to take six weeks in the past can now happen in less than thirty minutes.

This year the program has several goals. They plan to increase the amount of student employment from what was recorded in 2015. Last year, the number of opportunities for students’ employment was three thousand, and this year, the program wants to ensure that they target over three thousand five hundred jobs. Apart from being engaged in providing more employment opportunities for the youth, Kevin ensured that he partnered with two of the most prestigious banks in the city; the Santander Bank and the TD Bank. These banks will be able to provide the financial literacy services required by the students. By doing this, the students will have information on how to check and open their savings accounts without any problems. This information will help them now that they are in school and later when they graduate and get their permanent jobs.

Kevin stated on Twitter that the program will run for about six weeks, and all the students will be able to earn the minimum wage all through the six weeks. Kevin told WorldClassMagazines he is very proud to be part of the program because he knows that these activities will greatly benefit the youth. The future of the city is in the hands of the youth, and if they are empowered, the future will be bright.

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